Efstathios N Karanikolaidis – Investment Banking Expert

Efstathios N Karanikolaidis is a highly skilled and highly trained investment banking professional who has acquired a great deal of success in the industry. He has been educated by some of the finest business institutions available to students hungry to learn about the finance industry. His dedication to pursuing his dream of becoming a successful investment banker pushed him to not only complete his undergraduate education at the Athens University of Economics and Business, but it also pushed him to receive his Master’s degree from the prestigious William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Rochester.


His undergraduate degree was a Bachelor of Science in management and business administration, which he received in September of 1997. His Master’s degree was in business administration, which he received in 2002 before being employed by J.P Morgan Securities, LLC. Efstathios Karanikolaidis began working for J.P. Morgan Securities, LLC shortly after finishing graduate school. He is currently a Managing Director responsible for industrials, transportation, aerospace and defense, and business services.


Efstathios N Karanikolaidis has contributed to the success of the investment banking firm, J.P. Morgan Securities, LLC. As a Managing Director for the firm’s leveraged finance group, he has raised in excess of 200 billion dollars in more than 200 different transactions for clients in the leveraged loan and high yield markets.


He is responsible for helping to raise capital for companies in the syndicated loan and high yield markets to finance growth, acquisitions, distributions to shareholders, and general corporate purposes. Efstathios N Karanikolaidis has also been responsible for developing the industrials, aerospace and defense, transportation, and business services sectors since 2008.


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